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XIAMEN SIMAG INDUSTRIALY CO., is a leading supplier of industrial materials in China, commencing business since the year of 2005, which contributed over 15 years in global market through industrial experienced team in raw materials involved in Aluminium, Steel, Ferro and Chemical industries.

We offer customers a wide range of raw materials of pure silicon metal, magnesium ingot/alloy, manganese metal, silicon metal power, etc. With such strong sourcing background, our materials are now exporting to over 20 countries such as Asia, Middle-East, America, Europe and Africa.

Since 2005, SIMAG professional team insist on innovation, market proximity and an absolutely customer-oriented approach helps us become a trend-setting silicon metal refiner. The high technology characterizing chemical and physical analysis laboratory allows a strict control of materials. SIMAG team is able to solve any metallurgical problems related to the use of supplied products. We are committed to developing high-quality specialist products and customized high purity products.

Qualified and motivated staff, use of carefully selected raw materials and generous storage of final product together with delivery punctuality, allow SIMAG to respond efficiently to market changes which ensures a considerable market share and an important presence in the overseas market.

SIMAG also take cares of your needs of cut and sewn bags, like tool bags, tackle bags, sports bags, etc. For more information, please go to

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